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Sedating cats on flights

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Depending on how far you're going for the holidays, it may be worth your time, money and sanity to opt for a road trip instead of a flight.

"Get [your pet] used to driving in cars," Morris says.

You don't mention her age: the cat I shipped was 7 at the time (she's 19 now, and going strong).

The older the cat, the more stressful the experience is likely to be.

And surprisingly, it really wasn’t a bad experience.

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Gathered all necessary paperwork and checked what rules we’d need to follow. In order to comply with the rules, Alice was microchipped and received a rabies vaccine (21 days prior to flight) as well as a general health exam (within 10 days before flight).The problem is that I'm worried about the flight itself. Many thanks again for the helpful answers posted here.She's doesn't like being transported in containers, though we've taken steps to accustom her to her container by leaving treats there and occasionally keeping her in it. I'm particularly worried about psychological trauma as the poor thing will be kept in her container for no less than 5 hours (albeit the flight is direct, the transport company have asked us to bring her several hours prior to it). From my experience (I shipped a cat from Brisbane, Australia to Houston, Texas - which was a LOT more than a 5 hour journey), I can offer some suggestions. Most of the places that handle shipping will ensure water is available.But be warned — sometimes these treatments have unintended consequences."If you are going to sedate your dog, you have to test it out to beforehand.Small dogs and cats are still allowed as carry-on luggage, with restrictions, but undoubtedly the ban puts a lot of animal owners in a tight spot.