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Are melissa o neil and rex goudie still dating

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"She said, 'I really don't think you should, everyone hates you here.' Hate is a strong word, you know. ' And she said, 'People just talk about you all the time and some people who you thought were your friends might not treat you the way you think they would.' " O'Neil, who considers herself outgoing, went back anyway. "I had a penny thrown at me, two pennies," she says."People who I was friends with would make fun of me, saying [sarcastically], 'Can I have your autograph?" the two Idols looked at each other smiling before Goudie answered candidly."Yes, we are," Goudie answered as O'Neil laughed."We've been together and we've been doing a pretty good job keeping a secret of it since, what… Goudie was nominated for both Artist of the Year and his album, Under The Lights, nominated for the Album of the Year at this year's Juno Awards in Halifax.our third week of Idol," Goudie expanded, causing O'Neil to buckle over in shock of the confession."This is a CTV News Ottawa exclusive," O'Neil, 17, said. Goudie and O'Neil, in Ottawa on tour, agreed that winning and being runner-up in Canadian Idol has changed their lives enormously."Now that we're on road, with a band and everything, and we're doing concerts -- and there's people coming -- it's incredible. The pair also introduced the Musi Can video together at the Junos.Despite O'Neil telling e Talk's Tanya Kim that the two Canadians Idols were only "best friends" during a backstage interview at the Junos, Goudie, 19, couldn't keep the secret any longer.

She was born on July 12, 1988, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was raised in the same place. She has not dated anyone since she has come to the notice of the media.Melissa O'Neil was the third Canadian Idol winner in 2005 and the first female to take the title. Singing was always a part of her life, while growing up, but really started to get good at it in her early teenaged years.By the time she was 15 she was being encouraged to perform. While her mother is of Chinese descent, her dad is an Irish/Canadian.Canadian Idol Melissa O'Neil and runner up Rex Goudie have confirmed they are dating.Idol O'Neil, runner-up Goudie confess to romance Updated Fri. 7 2006 AM ETKristen Brown, News Staff Canadian Idol winner Melissa O'Neil and runner-up Idol Rex Goudie confessed to CTV on Thursday that they are indeed romantically involved.' Some days I would have to pee so bad but I waited 15 minutes because I didn't want to go walk around in the hall." That desk in the corner of her apartment started to look pretty welcoming.