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It was outrageous because I had no prospects in sight and a mere eight months to manifest this miracle (after trying for 20 years with no success).

You see, my own personal success in manifesting a great love happened when I set what I affectionately call an “outrageous intention” to be engaged by my 42nd birthday.And lo and behold, in just a few months, what was once an outrageous intention became a bona fide reality, and the love I had yearned for all those years to no avail, seamlessly and beautifully arrived in my life, as if by magic.So, as we step into the new year, I encourage you to take these same bold steps toward creating the life and love that you deserve.So if this blow-hard asks you that question, tell him to shove it up his ass, courtesy of me. Agreed and repped As for the OP, you can either take this advice (which I would), or you can completely lie to his face and give him what he wants to hear. I think this would kind of shock him at first and he might not know what else to say such as: Him: what are your intentions with my daughter You: well, what do you think my intentions are with your daughter Keep doing this with every question and dont answer any of them.....remember, thats the key to all of it, never give him an answer.Ex: My intentions with your daughter are to build a lasting and loving relationship with one another where we will care for each other the rest of our lives. Then, in the middle of the conversation, tell him its been nice talking to him and just leave."If you can't love your mother, please know he is incapable of loving you."If you're spiritual—and he's not—Steve says you probably won't be able to change him.