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Before you sleep with your Nigerian lover, PLEASE, ask how many people he or she has dated and where. Even wear two condoms at a time if you don't have a death wish.

SOURCE: TALK OF THE TOWNi have read different versions of this story from different blogs.

ALSO READ: Blurred Lines: The life of a transgender woman in Kenya In 2013 deported Nairobi based business man Anthony Chinedu was quoted saying: "We are doing Kenya a favour by marrying their women.

I have never heard of a Kenyan man marrying a Nigerian.

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Without Nigeria's patronage, Kenyan Airways would fold up." This led to a debate fueling more controversy on why Kenyan women fall for Nigerian men.

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(VIDEO) / 10 Rules Guys Must Adhere To When Chatting With Girls On Social Networks (1) (2) (3) (4) I don't know how many people who are aware of the shocking scandals in Kenya as two female students at Moi University and University of Nairobi have infected over 400 guys with HIV/AIDS!

many think its fake but these kind of stories have existed from time immemorial.

Some refuse to believe thinking they serve to scare and instill morality in the institutions better be safe than sorry.there's worse stuff these young girls engage all! There was a story of a african brother getting infected, then traveling to poland to infect hundreds of white women and they ran him out the country(Lm L)Even in my own state, i have read about numerous arrest of people being infected and willingly engaging in sesual activity while knowing their status It's a nasty World Out There. Or Go sleep with whoever you want with the mentality..."Hey we all are gonna die anyway so what's the point of being so cautious" solidbroda: Do you think if a girl sees a clean, sweet rich boy, she would tell you how many guys she's slept with? If she can't count them, she will say she be virgin[size=28pt]1,500,000 have HIV/AIDS in Kenya and over 80,000 have died so far.[/size][size=28pt]Worse cases abound in Nigeria where many girls are serial daters and have lost count of how many guys they have banged on and off campus.

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