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Mac updating boot caches

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Failing this, you may need to replace your PRAM battery.Various online resellers like OWC offer replacement batteries that can be user-installed.

Errant connections through Ethernet cables, telephone lines and even Air Port cards can cause significant delays.

Generally you’d only want to trash caches if they’re hogging a large amount of storage capacity, or if a particular app is not functioning properly or is serving stale data served from old cache.

Despite what some “cleaner” apps might claim, cleaning our Mac cache and temporary files is not going to give your computer a magical super performance boost or make you more popular with the ladies and gents, all it does is remove temporary files from the computer.

But just to clear things up, Safe Boot is the process of forcing your Mac to start up using the bare minimum of system resources.

Safe Mode is the mode your Mac operates in once it completes a Safe Boot.