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The list is intended to be comprehensive, so if there are people we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments or email me at source] Beck: Perhaps the highest-profile Scientologist this side of Cruise and Travolta, Beck kept quiet about his lifelong involvement with the church—both his parents are Scientologists—until 2005.

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But as soon as I got there and stood face-to-face with the life I'd dreamed of, I was miserable. I thought it would help to go public about my virginity in a magazine; it ended up turning me into a reluctant spokesperson for abstinence. No overanalyzing text messages or fretting over unreturned phone calls. After years of dating men scared of doing anything that might mislead me into thinking we were serious, Mike was a breath of fresh air.

There were perks—the supportive e-mails I got from strangers were moving—but because I was so out there about it, Google soon became my biggest cock block. And to be honest, I had grown used to the fascination, disgust and confusion my virginity elicited in men. Everyone was wearing crazy costumes, and amid twentysomethings dressed as creepy clowns and goth teenagers, I spotted a handsome guy sporting a hipster mustache and an old-man sweater. We spent the next three weeks going to shows, exploring Brooklyn and making out furiously.

Like all my advice, this is subjective, in no particular order, and should be taken with a small pile of grains of salt.

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Also, this list is intended for people with more testosterone, but since I’ve seen young female authors screw up their own young female protagonists, estrogenites are perfectly allowed to read this too.I approached him and asked if he was dressed as a pedophile. (He nicknamed me Space Camp, because when we made out, it was like the simulated version of sex—all the fun without ever getting there.)Because Mike put my needs first, I knew I could trust him. And I was still getting e-mails every day from people congratulating me on my virginity, not to mention interview requests from reporters wanting to talk about my abstinence. I'd climbed up the high dive, but now I was too scared to jump.It turned out he was a friend of a friend, just watching for kicks. We shared a subway ride home, and before we parted, he turned and said, "Can I get your number for posterity? This made me feel safe opening up to him in ways I never had to anyone else—especially when it came to sex. We'd go to second base, and I'd enjoy it, but the next day I'd freak out and tell him we had to stop dating. His response was simply "We don't have to break up. Then one morning, in the most uneventful way possible, it happened.Over the years, Jack Van Impe has proven that he can be wrong on his date speculations.However, my main criticism of him was the use of extra-biblical sources to support his date speculations.Van Impe fell out of favor with me when he started quoting mystics and pagans to support his end time speculations about how soon the Lord would return.